Wally Tusk & the Film Club/E.W. Fraizer - Ice Cream and Wine



Wally Tusk and the Film Club / E.W Fraizer - Ice Cream and Wine. 

Split compilation of songs from both artists catalog re-recorded in the same Uptown apartment during the late winter/early spring of 2017 . Wally Tusk side was recorded to tape on a Tascam 424 by Drew Knoy. E.W. Fraizer side was recorded digitally by Miten Soni and Evan Fraizer. 

Available on Ice Cream and Wine(/24) or Wine Colored Cassette(/72) 

-Hand colored and/or stamped Shell
-Includes a button for both artists
-Used Wine Cork

Wally Tusk is:
Miten Soni
Nathan Fraizer
Colin Fagan

E.W. Fraizer is:
Evan Fraizer


Disclaimer: The Ice Cream and Wine colored shells can contain a spot of slight warbles and distortion if you don't want a chance of this order a Wine Colored one. 

Wally Tusk Side:


Things We Think We Need

Best Day of My Life

In 1492

I Swear Everything is Fine

Fear of Pizza

Far Across The Country


E.W Fraizer Side:


: In stock

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