Stufy - Excalibur



This Album is Part One of a two-part piece.

Fairy Circle - 3:09

The Bomb Song - 1:43

Wolf Wrasslin' - 2:09

Story Time with MaMa - 3:37

Please Pirate This Song - 1:22

The Most Personal Song Ever Written By Me - 3:42

Thank you so much Stufy for letting me put out a physical piece of your music.

Please support Stufy through bandcamp for digital versions of their songs.

Dubbed in real time on a Nakamichi 700.

The same songs are duplicated on both sides of the cassette.

Comes with insert of Stufy's drawings, sticker and piece of amazing candy!

Numbered out of 100.

Hand made, packaged, designed and fulfilled by Naitsus.


Chris Wolf: Bass/ Time Management/Best Friendship

Mickey T. Craft: Recording/Time Wizardry

Stufy: Stuffed Animals/Writing/Singing/Guitar/Baby Instruments

released March 18, 2016

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