Soft Hits - Ashby and the Oceanns


Official cassette release of Soft Hits by Ashby and the Oceanns copied and colored by Niatsus.
Clear Shell with purple and pink stamped accents
Each cassette is individually wrapped in either pink or purple tissue paper with Soft Hits stamp
Each cassette is dubbed in real time on a Nakamichi 700
Currently an Edition of 30 but will be produced based on demand.
A preview and digital version of the album can be found below:
Pink Side A:
1.Cicada Song (Dead Skin) 2:30
2.If I Had A Dollar (For Every Time I've Had Damaging Sex) 2:31
3.We Were Friends 2:39
4.Inflatable Mattress 4:31
5.Split Ends 2:43

Purple Side B:
1.Calm Waves 2:58
2.Summer Girl 3:14
3.The U-Haul Song 2:14
4.Wasted 3:29
5.I Saved The Whales 3:05
"Back in April, 2016 I moved to Chicago. This is a collection of songs I wrote over my first summer in the city. A lot of the songs are about my last couple relationships and finding closure during a really tough, stressful transition in my life.

The songs were written and recorded at three different houses in Chicago. One where I stayed a month in a small room with an inflatable mattress, one with a few dogs and a couple of drum kits, and finally, the quiet house I live at now... Oh, and one song was recorded on a pitchy piano in a garage somewhere.

It's also the first album where I played most of the songs live months before recording, so the songs have been changing and growing, and hopefully the album is stronger for that reason!

I'm glad I get to release music that people will listen to! I hope everyone enjoys the album! I'm glad it's done! I'm ready to move on to some different, exciting stuff! Uhm, that's it!"

          -Ash Barker


Music Credits :

originally released November 8, 2016

Ash Barker- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, etc!
(All of the songs were recording using Audacity, and a shitty HP laptop that is on the verge of crashing!)

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