Shades of Purple Pillar Candle


These gorgeous purple pillar candles are hand poured in Chicago and come in a variety of shades from a light lavender to a deep royal purple. They are non scented and smokeless.

Frontier Supply Shop candles are made from a combination of 70% American-grown soy wax and 30% USDA-certified organic beeswax from apiaries located in the United States.

• 5" Tall x 3.5" Wide (50+ hr)

Candle Usage Tips:
I. Prior to the first lighting straighten the wick and light the candle carefully to ensure no wax is lost while lighting.

II. Use a wick trimmer/shears to remove the excess burnt wick every hour or so.

III. Store candles in a cool, dry place and avoid placing in locations that get prolonged direct sunlight.

IV. Every 2-3 hours candles should be blown out to rest for a half hour to re-establish an ideal wax floor depth.

V. Do not place in front of/below fans or active ducts as this causes the flame to move wildly and will often result in a breach of the candle wall. Candles can be placed where there is a light breeze but should be rotated 90 degrees every 45 minutes or so to ensure even burning.

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