Run of 100 Cassettes


Customized 100 Cassettes. 25 Custom Colored.
100 cassettes is the maximum for this order type. No mixtapes. You supply the artwork for J-card and set list. All cassettes are hand dubbed on a Nakamichi 700 (aka Sam)

Type I music grade, or Type II high-bias (extra 15¢ for these) 

Choose from available cassette shell colors (in stock) or customize a clear shell with colors (in stock, 1-3 colors) of your choice. This will be done on 1/4, or 25 of the 100 cassettes. Provided art will be fitted to J-card. 

Order type includes:
100 Jewel cases
100 Sided Full color 3 Panel J-cards on 110lb paper
100 Small inserts
25 Custom colored cassettes

Flat rate extra costs :
Equalizing of each song - $2
Creation of J-card artwork from scratch - $25 to $50
Individualized coloring or purchase of new color - $4
Type II high-bias cassette - 15¢ (per cassette) 
Extra number of colored cassettes - TBD

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or requests you have!


: In stock

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