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About Sustain

I Sustain - Gallery and Workspace | Art, Prints, Zines, Workshops | Chicago, IL


Sustain aims to foster expression, acceptance, sustainability and growth through creative work. We seek to engage our local community, as well as queer and artistic communities all around in being an inclusive and accessible space for all. Creating a network and a meeting place for forward thinking individuals to express, relate, and work with one another. This intends to be a resource for our Uptown community, as well as women, queer and trans folks, people of color, the differently abled and the up and coming artists that exist within those communities. As a space that can be utilized to organize, educate, and exhibit work, experiences, and beliefs. In advocating for inclusivity we maintain an open call and submission for gallery shows, workshops, individual works and other project proposals that parallel our ideas. 

Our work space is open for artists to create and share ideas with like minded individuals. We believe the input of our peers often has the biggest impact upon our work. Sustain's work space aims to foster dialogue, informed critique, community work and collaboration. And be a reliable and sustainable source for materials, projects, ideas, culture, and education. We think it is important to emphasize that this is a space serving queer and trans folks, people of color, the differently abled and women. And intend to be most resourceful for people of those communities. Though this does not me we exclude any person that identifies differently. 

Sustain's gallery is used to showcase artists collections of individual/collaborative work and to hold larger gallery shows. Besides exhibitions, shows, and installations, we utilize the gallery to sell prints, zines, and smaller works of art by Chicago and non-Chicago artists. This supports artists in the pursuit of financial stability through artistic expression, something that the folks working with Sustain deeply believe should be an attainable possibility!

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